Whether in Vietnam or Guatemala, we have been empowering impoverished women for over 25 years. We believe that microcredit must be combined with education and preventive health services to help clients build resilience and pursue their chosen opportunities.

By working with the Municipal Offices for Prevention of Violence against Women in these three cities, the project fostered the creation of women support networks. Although COVID-19 had the potential to set our progress back by decades, 2020 ended up far better than we could have ever imagined. We invite you to read through our 2020 Annual Report to learn more about who we are and to understand the true breadth of all we were able to accomplish together as a team and community in 2020.

  • The GGM is the only non-governmental Guatemalan organization that has a shelter for abused women.
  • Working with our Guatemalan staff and local teaching legend Michael Smith, we created a course that teaches students with basic math and reading skills about electricity, circuits and solar design.
  • Selling small scale solar home lighting systems is a proven way to make a living in Guatemala.
  • In rural Latin America where there is no electricity, families light their homes with kerosene lamps and candles.
  • Just think about Beyoncé’s famous song and its provocative lyrics, referencing “Becky with the good hair” and the racial bias that persists when it comes to Black hairstyles.

The GGM receives the woman’s complaint and offers her a legal consultation so that she clearly understands what her rights are within the marriage and which legal documents the family court will require to evaluate her complaint . Without them, neither the courts of justice nor the office of the public prosecutor of Guatemala can take on the case and undertake an effective investigation of the complaint. The GGM therefore impresses upon the women the importance of always having these documents with them, regardless of whether they are or have been victims of domestic violence.

It may be quite plain or embellished with glitter, elaborate designs, tassels, or pom-poms. The outcome of the lawsuit could have a big impact on the mining industry in Canada. Campaigners are hoping that this case, and others like it, will provide new avenues to hold multinational companies operating via subsidiaries overseas. One day Mayra was invited by friends to participate in a workshop offered by the City Hall.

Where To Find Out Every thing There Is To Learn About Sexy Guatemalan Girls In 5 Basic Steps

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative believes that everyone can learn about renewable energy and that young Guatemalan women deserve a class specifically set up for them. We are now working with women teachers to set up a Tech-Ed class on Electric Circuits and Renewable Energy for young Guatemalan women. Women’s education through ATC’s “Teach Guatemalan Women Solar” workshops will provide young Guatemalan women with an education and the skills to become solar technicians. In Canada, eleven indigenous Guatemalan women are in the process of taking a multinational mining company to court. The women allege that in 2007, police officers, soldiers, and private security personnel attacked their village of Lote Ocho, in eastern Guatemala, and burned dozens of homes in a bid to drive the community from their ancestral land.

Social Performance Management

At the end of one very long discussion we had identified two possible technologies to pursue. One was to help them sell their weaving and handicrafts directly to the consumer on EBay and the other was to create several low cost renewable energy options. Someone said we should do both and collectively we came up with the idea to weave wind turbines. The GGM was founded in 1988 to aid women who are victims of domestic violence by offering them legal, social and psychological support.

CGN operates the Fenix Mine, an open pit nickel mine, and one of the largest nickel mines in central America. Hudbay Minerals claims that as far as they are aware, the community was legally evicted from their land by the Guatemalan authorities.

Our mission is to create work for fair wages for the women of Guatemala, support our families and communities, and preserve and develop our cultural traditions by maintaining our textile arts and their histories. And then there are the headdresses—particularly special hair adornments wear which tend to be worn mostly by women in traditional villages or by older women, or worn for special events and holidays. There is something deeply nostalgic about the guatemalan chicks Guatemalan woman’s traje and their adornments—evocative of and inherently connected to another world, one which is not accessible to the vast majority of us. Just as the traje and each design in a weaving tells a different story, or adds an element to a cosmic narrative, each hair-piece and headdress tells something different about the wearer of the piece. La cinta, or the hair ribbon, is, it seems, the most widely-worn and versatile of the hair-pieces.

Thanks to your generous support this summer the Guatemalan Woven Wind project is moving forward. We at The Appropriate Technology Collaborative are making a new form to stretch fabric over. We are using simple objects like a 5 gallon bucket – the type commonly used in construction in Guatemala and a piece of plastic pipe. Right now we are using “zip ties” to hold the fabric in place but when we get to a more permanent solution we don’t want to use disposable hardware. The final curvature of the turbine blade will be different based on aerodynamics and the need to make the blades rigid.

Without a doubt, the increased generosity and commitment to our mission are the very elements allowing us to continue making incredible strides in our work to create opportunities that empower Guatemalan women to build a better life. One lesson we learned on this project is that the technical classes we offer in renewable energy are mostly attended by men.

Nevertheless, the GGM has also handled cases of women married to millionaires and belonging to the country’s wealthy elite. All the services offered by the GGM to women who are victims of domestic violence are free. In the case of upper middle-class and upper-class women who have been victims of abuse, GGM asks for a financial contribution to support its activities and help women who are destitute. To support women learning and remove any fear of judgment, ATC’s Circuits and Solar workshops will be conducted by women who are trained in the curriculum, and who mentor rather than instruct students during the course of the workshop. Participants will interact and learn from one another in a friendly, informal hands-on environment. The all-women workshops offer a rare environment to learn about technology in a positive setting.

GGM uses the recurso de exhibición personal which is a proceeding that allows the police to enter a home, following a court order, to verify the presence of a woman subjected to domestic violence. If the woman has suffered physical injuries that remain visible for longer than about 10 days, her spouse could be sentenced to prison. The GGM cannot appeal to the MINUGUA, since domestic violence is not within its field of jurisdiction. However, it can intervene indirectly by reprimanding a police officer for having been remiss in his obligation to act in a case of domestic violence.

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