Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Visual Sexts Behind Spouse’s Back?

After seeing Ryan Edwards nod off while driving to their romantic parking lot event to Mackenzie Standifer, we think the man couldn’t get much even worse.

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And, better, honestly which is nevertheless probably the worst thing we have now ever before seen on Teen mother.

Possibly an easy method to term it might be “After watching Ryan jeopardize himself and others while travel higher to his tragic event, we considered there clearly was nowhere for your going but right up.”

Yeah, that is better.

And it’s wrong.

Because once we’re discovering out of this totally new cheat scandal, things absolutely aren’t looking up for Ryan anytime soon.

Only past, we talked about some screenshots from a so-called conversation Ryan got with a new girl on Tinder.

In the event that concept of he creating a Tinder membership not as much as 90 days after marriage to Mackenzie Standifer wasn’t terrible enough, stuff he was claiming to the female certainly was.

The dialogue launched as innocently as a Tinder discussion can, prior to too much time, Ryan got asking the woman if she got “DTF.”

“right down to f-ck,” for anybody not from inside the know.

She mentioned that she is, according to who was simply inquiring, and started arranging an occasion and place in order for them to “chill” with each other.

In those screenshots, Broken Arrow escort twitter their unique finally emails consisted of an exchange of phone numbers .

Nowadays Radar using the internet have screenshots regarding text messages!

Alert: these try graphic, disgusting, but also entirely humorous in some sort of tragic method.

The texts start like most messages carry out — your own typical “What’s up?”, “absolutely nothing, you?” companies.

The lady asks Ryan for his final title, and after asking why she would like to discover (to save their call resources, duh), he tells their its Edwards.

He in addition sends the girl a selfie, and yep, which is definitely teenager mother OG’s present finest mess.

She requires your the reason why he’s on Tinder because “I thought you used to be married,” in which he verifies that he is partnered, but “we nevertheless desire need slightly enjoyable.”

Your ex was down for many enjoyable, but first, she states “I want to discover more of your.”

You’ll already determine in which this really is supposed, cannot your?

He requires the girl “What otherwise u choose,” as he already sent her one picture, and she tells him she wants a picture of his body. Happily for those of you of us viewing these screenshots, he are unable to get one at that time because he is travel.

From there, she tosses your a curve-ball by asking “will you f-ck myself?”

The guy asks this lady if that’s just what she wants, once she says, yes, he tells the lady “seriously then,” they can exercise when she wishes at his home.

They made intentions to satisfy on products town off highway 58 — and they state love is actually dead! — nevertheless the methods fell through because Ryan won’t send the girl considerably photographs.

The guy starts to see only a little annoyed when she complains that he’s just delivered the girl two images, the one that the guy could have taken with an internet lookup.

The guy says to the woman “Nvm don’t worry about this,” because “I am not probably still make an effort to show it’s me personally.”

She rightfully reacts by advising your that she would like to be certain of exactly who she is going to satisfy, and that is if it occurs.

He delivers the girl a selfie — one which he’sn’t submitted anywhere else — AND A COCK PIC.

But once he at long last decided to submit more photos, she’d already given up on him and attended sleep.

According to him which he’ll look for another for you personally to encounter their, however in the meanwhile, the guy informs the girl to send your a photo of the lady.

What type of pic?

“Send me a hot one,” he instructs the girl. “allow me to observe green it’s.”

“me personally myself hard,” he writes. “come-on.”

He then informs their to send your videos of “u using your self,” so when she declines, he states “Come more we said I’ll allow u take a seat on my personal face therefore I could possibly get u close and damp.”

The lady refuses, but Ryan attempts once again a later date — one when Mackenzie are “out of town,” so he has the home to themselves.

They arrange to meet up, but we cannot do not forget they ever before performed, for the reason that it’s in which this circular of screenshots stops.

Ryan provides declined the original Tinder emails, claiming “i am partnered. Get f-ck of right here with this stupid sh-t.”

But, surprisingly adequate, Radar examined it, and so they confirm that the number when you look at the texts is clearly Ryan’s numbers.

Cannot delay to see what type of page Mackenize is going to write to Maci Bookout to explain this option out!

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